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Journal of Nutrition and Human Health

Welcome to the Journal of Nutrition & Human Health

Journal of Nutrition and Human Health, a newly launched scientific journal dedicated to advancing the science of nutrition and human health through the rapid publication of high-quality original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and technology reports, perspectives, etc.

The journal is directed to nutritionist and others involved in research and practice of nutrition and human health. It features every facet of the nutrition and human health to find better ways to treat illnesses and conditions of the human health.

Aims and Scope

With an emphasis on conceptual breakthroughs, the journal goal is to facilitate rapid publication and circulation of novel discoveries in the field of nutrition, nutrigenomics, nutritionist communications, food chemistry, food Science, diabetes nutrition, food safety and human health and other aspects relevant to nutrition.

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Research Article March 28, 2018


J Nutr Hum Health: 2(1): 46-51

High dietary diversity is associated with child obesity in Iranian school children: An evaluation of dietary diversity score.

Hooshmand S*, Marhamati F

Research Article February 09, 2018


J Nutr Hum Health: 2(1): 22-27

Blood glucose response on consumption of cassava varieties (Garri) in healthy Nigerian subjects

Ogbonna OC*, Fadeiye EO, Ikem RT, Oladipo KO, Soyoye DO, Olulana TM, Kalejaiye O, Paul Ilona, Erick Boy

Research Article January 19, 2018


J Nutr Hum Health: 2(1): 18-21

College student's perception of risk factors related to fast food consumption and their eating habits

Sam Abraham*, Manuel Martinez, Gabriela Salas, Jessica Smith

Research Article January 19, 2018


J Nutr Hum Health: 2(1): 13-17

College students eating habits and knowledge of nutritional requirements

Sam Abraham*, Brooke R. Noriega, Ju Young Shin

Research Article January 19, 2018


J Nutr Hum Health: 2(1): 7-12

Prevalence of acute malnutrition among children ages 6-59 months: Results from a baseline nutrition survey in North-Western Uganda

Ismail D. Legason* and Ratib Dricile