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Journal of Psychology and Cognition

2017: Volume 2, Issue 1
  • Commentary
    Archetypal energies as the ?Creative Urges? behind the evolution of humanistic psychology and positive psychology.
    Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson
  • Review Article
    Affirming the importance of justice as a basic human need.
    Taylor AJW
  • Research Article
    Differentiating recognition for anger and fear facial expressions via inhibition of return.
    Sun Juncai, Zhao Jing, Shi Rongb
  • Research Article
    The role of tomatis sound therapy in the treatment of difficulties in reading in children with developmental dyslexia.
    Roksana Malak, Ewa Mojs, Micha? Ziarko, Katarzyna Wieche?, Anna Sudol, W?odzimierz Samborski
  • Research Article
    Screening for problem behaviors in Emirati preschool children.
    Lolowa A Almekaini, Hassib Narchi, Taoufik Zoubeidi, Omer Al Jabri, Abdul-Kader Souid
  • Research Article
    Screening for speech-language development in Emirati toddlers.
    Lolowa A Almekaini, Taoufik Zoubeidi, Yusuf Albustanji, Hassib Narchi, Omer Al Jabri, Abdul-Kader Souid
  • Research Article
    Efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) for progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).
    Nao Nishida, Hiroaki Oguro, Shun Aritake, Kenichi Iwasa, Yukie Kanai, Reiko Saika, Satoshi Abe, Shuhei Yamaguchi
  • Review Article
    Samoan death rituals in a New Zealand context.
    Byron Malaela Sotiata Seiuli
  • Research Article
    William James and the Heidelberg Fiasco.
    Horst Gundlach
  • Research Article
    The effect of presentation time and working memory load on emotion recognition.
    Tsouli A, Pateraki L, Spentza I, Nega C
  • Research Article
    Study of gender differences in VR response following cardiac surgery.
    Jose Luis Mosso, Brenda K Wiederhold, Filippo La Paglia, Danilo Guarino, Daniele La Barbera, Jose Luis Mosso Jr., Ian Miller, Mark D Wiederhold
  • Case Report
    Spirituality, religion and kindness help today?s youth.
    Kaufui V Wong
  • Review Article
    Re-engineering of thought process: An exploratory model.
    Santa Misra
  • Commentary
    The impact of perfectionism on anxiety and depression.
    David S Lessin, Nadira T Pardo