Journal of Mental Health and Aging

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Research Article - Journal of Mental Health and Aging (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Using the CES-D with custodial grandmothers: cross-validation and convergent validity

Objective: This study is the first to analyze the factor structure of the Center for Epistemological Studies Depression (CES-D) Scale with custodial grandmothers involving both cross validation and convergent validity analyses.
Method: Cross validation was accomplished with two different samples of custodial grandmothers (GCM) to calibrate (n=733; Average Age=52) and then validate (n=343; Average Age=52.5) the model.
Results: Radloff‘s originally proposed four factor model (Depressed Affect, Well-Being, Somatic Symptoms, and Interpersonal Problems) was found to best fit the data for both calibration (RMSEA=0.049) and validation samples (RMSEA=0.050). The construct validity of the four CES-D factors was supported by the correlations observed between these factors and conceptually related psychosocial measures.
Conclusion: four CES-D factors as proposed are psychometrically sound when applied to custodial grandmothers and that each factor contributes unique and meaningful information in its own right.

Author(s): Will Merchant

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