Biomedical Research

Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 2

Preparation and characterization of a scaffold complex based on o-hydroxyethyl chitosan

This study aims to prepare a scaffold complex based on O-hydroxyethyl chitosan (O-HECS) for tissue engineering. The characteristics of the scaffold complex were investigated. Chitosan was made to react with ethylene oxide to obtain water-soluble O-HECS. Body-sealing tube polymerization was conducted with stannous octoate as the catalyst and water-soluble O-HECS as the initiator. D,Llactide ring-opening polymerization was stimulated to prepare water-soluble O-hydroxyethylchitosangrafted polylactic acid (O-HECS-g-PLA). This copolymer was characterized by X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and dissolution experiment. A water-soluble OHECS/ polylactic acid copolymer with increased performance was successfully prepared. Water-soluble O-HECS-g-PLA was obtained by chemical modification method. The copolymer has a good mesh structure and porosity and can be used as a drug eluting scaffold. In addition, this copolymer is soluble in certain common organic solvents, which is beneficial for further application in tissue engineering.

Author(s): Xiaofeng Li, Shengli Liu, Weihong Xi, Yuanfei Xiong, Yu Xie, Chao Liu

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