Research and Reports in Gynecology and Obstetrics

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Research Article - Research and Reports in Gynecology and Obstetrics (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

A comparison of spot urine protein-creatinine ratio with 24 hour urine protein excretion for prediction of proteinuria in preeclampsia.

Objective: To examine the correlation between spot urine PCR and 24-hour urine protein excretion in patients being evaluated for preeclampsia. Population or sample: 98 pregnant women with suspected preeclampsia and a gestational age more than 20 weeks.

Methods: A random urine sample was collected immediately before or after the 24-hour urine collection. The protein creatinine ratio was calculated by dividing the urinary protein concentration by the urinary creatinine concentration, and the correlation with the 24-hour urine protein excretion was assessed.

Results: PCR at a cut-off value of 0.02 g/mmol (0.18 g/g) had sensitivity and a specificity of 97.6% and 44% respectively in predicting proteinuria of 300 mg/24 hour. The positive predictive value was 58%, and negative predictive value was 96%.

Conclusion: There is strong correlation between spot PCR and 24-hour urine protein collection. PCR could be a reasonable alternative to clinicians in order to reduce their dependence on the 24-hour urine collection.

Author(s): Nedaa Obeid*, Ruth O'Kelly, Feras Abu Saadeh, Vivion Crowley, Sean Daly

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