Journal of Molecular Oncology Research

Special Issue: Clinical Advancements in Cancer Research and Treatments

       Special issue focus on “Clinical Advancements in Cancer Research and Treatments” aims to bring forth the current advancements and the pitfalls in Cancer treatments that will emphasize on scope and future directions and address the concern of How close are we towards the Cancer treatment as the Medical sciences made tremendous progress in terms of  Genomics, Molecular medicine, Medical technology.

                    According to the global statistics as the life expectancy and world population expands, phenomenal increase in cancer burden will be on rise reaching to 21 million patients with Cancer and accounting to 13 million deaths per year by 2030 (Provided by (ASCO) Americal Society of Clinical Oncology). This urges the need to have more efficacious treatments, as in 2017 witnessed first revolution in Cancer Treatments by FDA approval of genetically engineered autologous T Cells (CAR T) Immunetherapy. On the other hand classical Radiotherapy and chemotherapy, yet significant therapeutic treatments widely employed and its associated major drawbacks of development of  Multidrug Resistance (MDR). Decades of Research enabled to uncover Multidrug resistance mechanisms induced by anticancer drugs and ionizing Radiation. With the emergence of  Next generation Immunotherapy treatments, not only limited to treatments but also widespread increase of prognosis and Cancer screenig plans followed by Developed countries in US, (JCSO) Japan largest Cancer screening organization playing a crucial rule in early diagnosis. Measures to strategically and rigorously incorporate such large scale screening programs in under developed countries is a wayforward to better manage the Cancer prognosis and diagnosis.

                  This special issue will cover subjects related to recent progress of  understanding molecular mechanisms, keen to address Clinical Advancements in Cancer Research in Post Genomic era. Pilot scale studies and advancements in Cancer treatments, Various Recent approaches of Cancer treatments in clinical settings.

 Prof. Adayabalam S. Balaji  (Guest Editor) 

Prof. Francois X. Claret (Guest Editor, Editor)