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A protein that regulates the dimensions of muscles beginning in early embryonic development and continuing throughout life. Myostatin acts by inhibiting the expansion of muscles, it prevents them from growing overlarge. Myostatin is additionally referred to as growth and differentiation factor 8 (GDF-8). it's a protein made from two identical subunits. Myostatin may be a member of the reworking protein beta (TGF-beta) family. All of the members of this gene family regulate growth and differentiation from early embryogenesis to mature cell types and tissues. Myostatin was first found to manage muscle mass in mice from which the gene encoding myostatin had been knocked out (deleted). In these mighty mice, there is muscle over growth thanks to a rise both within the number of myocytes (muscle cells) and therefore the size (hypertrophy) of the myofibers (muscle fibers). Breeds of cattle with exceptional muscle development mentioned as "double-muscled" cattle have a mutation within the bovine MSTN gene encoding myostatin.

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