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The procedure of biodegradation can be divided into three stages: biodeterioration, biofragmentation, and assimilation. Biodeterioration is sometimes described as a surface-level degradation that changes the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the material. This stage causes when the material is exposed to abiotic factors in the outdoor environment and allows for more degradation by weakening the material's structure. Some abiotic factors that control these initial modifies are compression (mechanical), light, temperature and chemicals in the environment. While biodeterioration typically occurs because the first stage of biodegradation, it can in some cases be parallel to biofragmentation. Hueck, however, define Biodeterioration because the unwanted action of living organisms on Man's materials, involving such things as breakdown of stone facades of buildings, deterioration of metals by microorganisms or merely the esthetic modifies induced on man-made structures by the growth of living organisms

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