Journal of Public Health and Nutrition

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Current Issue

2020: Volume 3, Issue 6

Research Article P.276-281

How can health-promoting nutrition be offered at schools? A method for evaluating and optimizing school cafeterias.

Author(s): Tamara Knopf, Julia Schatzer, Wolfgang Schobersberger*, Friedrich Hoppichler, Birgit Wild, Manuel Schatzer

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Research Article P.282-290

The relationship between healthy eating index-2015 and dental caries in preschool children.

Author(s): Neda Sharif Kazem Kouhestani*, Abolghasem Jazayeri, Asal Atai Jafari

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Short Communication P.291-291

COVID-19 and nutritional behavior.

Author(s): Shivam Verma*


Editorial P.292-292

COVID-19 for nutrition implications.

Author(s): D Chattopadhyay*


Short Communication P.293-293

Nutrition and maternal health.

Author(s): Shivangi Singh*