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Why campaign against Colorectal Cancer?

International Conference on Gastroenterology and Digestive Disorders
Nov 15-16, 2018 | Paris, France

Luc Colemont

Stop Darmkanker Foundation, Belgium

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Although we are living in an information society, too many people today are dying from colorectal cancer due to lack of information. This is unacceptable! Screening and prevention are important, diagnosis and treatment are crucial, but information and education should be the first steps in the fight against colorectal cancer. We cannot accept any longer that this silent killer claims lives of 580 Europeans every day. That’s the equivalent of two airplane crashes, every day, week in week out, year in year out. It’s not because of a lack of scientific data, it’s not because of a lack of financial sources, but it’s purely due to absence of societal commitment. How should we explain to families who lost their loved ones due to colorectal cancer that we knew the problem for many years, we knew the solution for many years, but that bureaucracy is more difficult to treat and beat than colorectal cancer. There can be no more excuses not to undertake action for a disease that could be prevented. You don’t need an army of doctors to kill colorectal cancer, a simple 10 euros FIT-test will do the job just fine. During my career of almost 30 years as gastroenterologist I have seen far too many cases of colorectal cancer. My biggest frustration was that it always came as such a shock to these people. “Why me? How is that possible? I have a healthy lifestyle!, I had a blood test only recently!” They knew nothing about colorectal cancer. “By sharing knowledge, you can save lives” It should not stop at an empty slogan. In late 2015 I decided to leave the hospital and change career. A move from the “operating room” to the “auditorium” to quote the national press. I became CEO of my own foundation and with a very small team we organize actions and campaigns the whole year around. We tour with our giant colon. Social media are an important weapon in our daily fight against colon cancer. Since my career switch I gave 350 keynotes all over the country, with one goal: stop colorectal cancer. “The best campaign is the one that is done, not the one that is discussed for many years!”


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