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Unveiling the concealed relation between diabetes and endocrine disorders

Joint Event International Conference on Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Syndrome & Annual Summit on Diabetes, Obesity & Heart
March 07-08, 2019 | London, UK

Ershad Ismail Malik

Lifespan Diabetes Clinics, India

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Many times, Diabetes is associated with (either precipitated by or worsened by) underlying endocrine disorders. Course of diabetes directly co relates with underlying other endocrine cause. The four-outer regulatory /anti insulin hormones present as a contrarian bet. Endocrine causes are not as uncommon as we think. It’s extremely important to identify as they are the ones responsible for severity of diabetes; complications associated with diabetes; onset of diabetes in most of the cases. Identifying and treating them can favourably modify the course of diabetes. Endocrine causes primary glandular disorders. Endocrine associations that is autoimmune and genetic polyglandular disorders. All T1DM should be screened for other associated endocrinopathies. All patients on Hormone replacement or treatment like GH therapy, steroid use need monitoring of blood glucose levels as per respective guidelines. Diabetologist, physicians and endocrinologists should keep their eyes open for dysmorphic features, difficult to control diabetes, high insulin/ medication resistance; electrolyte imbalance, disproportionate complications.


Ershad Ismail Malik has completed his Doctor of Medicine from Tver State Medical Academy, Russia at 25 years of age. After that, he underwent one-year rotatory internship at Grant medical college and SIR JJ group of hospitals at India. Later, he underwent oneyear post graduation certification in Diabetology at the department of Endocrinology and Diabetology at Asian Heart Institute India. He is working as a consultant Diabetologist at Lifespan Diabetes clinics and at PRIME medical centre. He is a member of Research Society for The Study of Diabetes in India. He delivers lectures and has been speaker many times for NOVARTIS, BOERINGER INGELHEIM and various other companies. He organizes free diabetes screening and treatment camps for poor and needy people. 


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