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Treating dependence with Psychedelics

2nd International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy
May 13-14, 2019 | Prague, Czech Republic

Zuzana Postranecka

Charles University, Czech Republic

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Psychedelic research has been associated with the Czech Republic since the early 19th century and, after a long period of involuntary dormancy, it has recently gained new opportunities to follow up on its roots and evolve. The presentation will briefly describe the history of psychedelic research in the Czech Republic, summarize the role of the UN Drug Conventions, and discusse the Czech and international legislation pertaining to psychedelics. The discussion focuses on the dependence/abuse potential of classical psychedelics, their medical use, and their safety in medical versus nonmedical environment. Despite the assertions of the UN and occasional media disinformation about the dangers of psychedelics, recent investigations have shown that classical psychedelics are not addictive, show great promise in a broad spectrum of medical uses including drug dependence treatment and have been repeatedly proven to be safe in a clinical setting. Finally, the authors suggest a procedure for the preparation and implementation of controlled psychedelic therapy in the Czech medical and legal system.



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