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The state of Stress in today’s leadership world- How leaders can reduce, prevent and cope with stress and challenges using Business Coaching Methodology

6th World Congress on Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management
March 18-19, 2019 | London, UK

Asha Mankowska

Business and Life Coaching/Consulting, USA

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Motivation: Stress has become a major predicament in business and leaders are increasingly susceptible to it. Stress has been implicated as an important determinant of leadership functioning. Their stress is proven to impact their followers (companies, countries, team members) and if not prevented or managed properly, it can result in anxiety, depression, and as a direct consequence: burnout, or worse. CEOs and management face many challenges, and critical failures and overwhelming odds can easily break anyone down and make them lose sight of their goals. They have to have the skills to overcome stressful situations and demonstrate conduct that will make a business, an organization or country, productive and profitable.

The Problem: A leader’s stress level will influence his or her behavior and that can impact the stress levels and potential for burnout in subordinates. A lack of resources and time are the most stressful demands experienced by leaders. Stress is caused by trying to do more with less, and to do it faster. For 88% of leaders, work is a primary source of stress in their lives and having a leadership role increases the level of stress. Unfortunately, very few (only 28%) companies provide tools to help management deal with stress more effectively. Methodology:

Study & Results: During the many years, I have worked with business leaders, I have come to recognize the 7 most common stressor determinants and I have developed methodology to conquer them.

The top 7 sources are: 1. Expected High Performance in a Short Period of Time, 2. Strong Brand Loyalty, 3. Conflict Management, 4. Reputation Management, 5. Hiring the Right Team, 6. Professional Obligations vs. Balanced Life, 7. Lack of Support and Accountability; The new avenues for stress prevention and management (individual versus corporate approach) are using stress as an efficient fuel: 1. Using certain technology, online media platforms, aps, to increase productivity, efficiency, and profits as well as leaders’ wellbeing and confidence. 2. Creating strong bonds with clients using innovation and differentiation, that results in full control over the process. 3. Address & control conflict with authority, even before it arises. 4. Learning strong communication with the right infrastructure and teamwork. 5. Mastering the art of delegation & hiring the right people to maximize efficiency. 6. Demonstrating healthy & balanced conduct as an example for the company. (Vacation, hiking conferences, team building, wellbeing) 7. Establishing support & accountability systems in place outside of corporate environment (masterminds, mentors, coaches, trainings, business conferences).

These case studies were based on my clients’ feedback and their results achieved within less than one year of their solid commitment, execution and implementation of the proposed methods used in my business practice


Asha Mankowska is an Internationally Renowned Business, Executive & High-Performance Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Branding Expert, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker. She is invited multiple times by prestigious universities to be their Keynote Speaker at conferences for top leaders, CEOs, executives and business owners in USA (frequent Keynote Speaker at Harvard University). Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top Business and Career coaches in America. She accepted the honor to be a member of Forbes Magazine Coaches Council and her articles are featured in Forbes Magazine on regular basis. 

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