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The role of aesthetic physiotherapy in dermatology

Spring Dermatology & Skin Care Expo Conference
May 14-15, 2018 | Montreal, Canada

Juxhin Thanasi

Fizio-Vizion Clinic, Albania

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Introduction: The department of Physiotherapy involves the study of different physical techniques as preventing and treating methods. This concept is being understood in a broad sense because it uses various types of applications that are applied in many types of diseases. In this study we will introduce the valuable effects of physical therapy management in many skin diseases and positive effects of our top-secret bio (hand-made) lotion in curing skin disorders with no side effects at all. Objectives: Since we aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of our hand-made product in many highly damaged skins of different patients, we combined the procedure with physiotherapy management and family education. Promoting the positive results of this study will give patients with skin diseases another choice of treating their conditions in a way that includes the procedure of healing without drugs, medication and what is more important, with no side effects indeed. Methods: After we decided to apply this procedure in the clinic and insured it works we started to apply it regularly in patients’ homes and saved our evidences to promote it to the community and beyond the wonderful effects in many skin types. Results: However, we are improving and upgrading our methods and product daily in purpose to make it look totally professional. Meanwhile the results and feedbacks are satisfying. Patients are being sensitized and recommending our product to other people with skin conditions. Conclusion: The role of physiotherapy and our top-secret bio lotion (hand-made) is the best solution for some types of skin diseases because it does not causes any damage or side effects, better than using laboratory medications or having a sedentary life. e:


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