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International Conference on PEDIATRICS AND NEONATOLOGY
July 25-26, 2019 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gerald Katzman

Wayne State University, USA

Keynote : Curr Pediatr Res


Learned hatred in childhood leads to violent speech and subsequent violent actions. The process often begins with authoritarian parenting. The fear and anger evoked by such treatment is projected onto socially endorsed targets. These targets are developed through false narratives that are repeatedly espoused in authoritarian societies. The resultant violent actions are further facilitated by the stifling of emotional empathy those results from coercion and intimidation. Authoritative parenting characterized by discipline through reasoning offers a healthy alternative. The trust that develops between parent and child can be used to model caring behaviours inside and outside the family. Sharing stories with a moral and that teach a lesson promote the incorporation of virtues and the avoidance of vices. The emotional empathy that results is the catalyst for acts of compassion. Resistance to adverse influences and promotion of initiatives that support tolerance and appreciation of individual differences are more likely when parents and societies key in on enhancing the moral development of children. Restricting moral development through a planned program of indoctrination to militancy is mental maltreatment. By exposure of children to an atmosphere where reason has been emphasized over might, non-violent resolution of conflict is an attainable result.


Gerald Katzman received his MD degree from the Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1968. He served a Pediatric Residency at the University of Chicago and the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. After serving two years as a physician in the US Navy, he completed a fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at Temple University Hospital. Clinical positions have included Director of Nurseries at The Toledo Hospital, Chairman of Pediatrics at Sinai Hospital of Detroit and Chief of Pediatrics at Detroit Riverview Hospital. He has been a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Wayne State University School of Medicine since 1986. He received the designation of Certified Physician Executive by the American College of Physician Executives. In recent years, he has developed an interest in the teaching of hatred to children and the potentially violent actions that result from such indoctrination. Potential solutions to this problem have been suggested in a series of papers dealing with the subject. Explaining the psychodynamics of hatred development through an emphasis on recent understandings in neuropsychology has been a particular focus of these publications.

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