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Sperm DNA fragmentation on normozoospermic patients

World Congress on Embryology and In vitro Fertilization
November 02-03, 2017 | Chicago, USA

Jheny Diaz, Layonal Acosta, Carlos Rivas, Lissett Chiscul, Elmer Chavez and Luis Gonzales

Gestar In Vitro, Peru

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Res Rep Gynaecol Obstet


Background: The aim of the present study was to determinate the incidence of sperm DNA fragmentation in normozoospermic patients. Methods: Prospective study conducted at the Laboratory of Andrology ¨Gestar In Vitro¨ (Chiclayo – Perú). 495 patients were analyzed from September 2013 to September 2017. The semen samples were analyzed acording to the criteria WHO 2010.The Index Sperm DNA fragmentation (IFA) was determined using the tets Sperm chromatin Dispersion. For determination on the median was used SPSS 22 software. Results: The patients’ ages ranged 17 to 70 years. The means and median were 37.73 and 37 years respectively. The patients were divided into four groups: <30 years, 30-39 years, 40-50 years and ≥50 years. We determined an inverse correlation between the age and volumen (r=-0.134 P=0.000), progressive motility (r=-0.136 P=0.000), normal morphology (r=-0.101 P=0.008), vitality (r=-0.167 P=0.000). We determined a significant positive correlation between age and IFA (r=0.302 P=0.000). Patients ≥ 45 years showed higher levels of IFA (23.5% vs. 16% P=0.000) compared with patients <45. Conclusions: The results indicate that advanced age afectts semen quality and increases the IFA.


Dr Jheny Diaz is a physician in gineco-obstetra, she has specialization in assisted reproduction. She has worked as an medical assistant at Clinica Servimedicos and Gestar In vitro center. She is a member of Latin American Net of Human Reproduction and society of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Peru.

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