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Solving a social issue using information and communication technology

13th International Conference on Alzheimers Disease and Dementia
November 25-26, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Kaori Tomita

Fujitsu Limited, Japan

Keynote : J Psychol Cognition


In this study, we have introduced an information and communication technology solution which enables the supporters of dementia patients to provide useful information or hints to the concerned parties (family member, etc.) and thus can support them in searching for such patients in case they go missing. Several simulation/ onsite testings of the solution were executed with the participation of dementia patients, their family, dementia supporters and general residents of a city. According to the result of the testing, the solution was provided to be effective in searching for missing dementia patients and was highly evaluated by the concerned parties. While still some technical tasks need to be solved before taking the service to a commercial level, the feedback from probable users reflects that they think it is worthy enough to pay a reasonable fee for using such a service.


Kaori Tomita works for Fujitsu Limited and is working on the global expansion of FUJITSU ACCELERATOR, which is a program to connect topnotch technologies from FUJITSU and Startups to bring new values to the society. The program has been running over 4 years and has produced 120+ business collaboration trials and 70+ collaboration achievements. Ms. Tomita is here to present one of the successful cases made between Fujitsu Limited and Agilla inc. using Artificial Intelligence. 


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