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Self management with compression in lymphoedema

International Conference on Health Care and Neuroscience
April 08-09, 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

Franz-Josef Schingale

Lympho-Opt clinic, Germany

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Ideal goal of therapy is to normalize the lymphatic transport. Because of the chronic nature of lymphedema the therapeutic goal is to return the disease in the latent stage (limited transport capacity without lymphedema) or at least in the stage I and thereby achieve sustainable relief from the discomfort. In treatment planning one or more of the following sub-objectives have to be specified:

• Improve lymphatic drainage

• Softening fibrosclerotic tissue changes

• Reduction of connective tissue

• Improving the function deficits of the limbs, to enhance the effectiveness of muscle and joint pump

• Mediation of self-treatment options (skin care, certain lymph drainage handles, technique of lymphatic compression bandage)

• Repatriation or reintegration of such persons in their social environment such as school, training, study or professional

• Prevention of long-term care

• Improving quality of life

The most important column of the treatment is compression therapy and movement. We educated the patients in bandaging but it`s problematic, because bandage slips after 5 hours and it was a disaster for the patient to take off the whole bandage and start again. So we changed to JuxtaFit for self management, a stiff bandage with velcroft closures and a BPS Guide

Advantages for the patient: It takes less time and the patient can adjust it after a few hours to control the necessary compression, better reduction due to higher stiffness and controlled pressure



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