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Role of Institute of Allergy and Clinical Immunology of Bangladesh (IACIB) for elimination of Filariasis and control of other neglected tropical diseases in Bangladesh

11th Annual Congress on Immunology
July 26-28, 2018 | Moscow, Russia

Moazzem Hossain

IACIB, Bangladesh

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Bangladesh- a developing country with 170 million population in 64 districts, harbors all Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) as Lymphatic Filariasis (LF), Rabies, Leishmaniasis, Soil Transmitted Helminthiases (STH), Dengue, Malaria, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Echinococcosis, Thalassaemia (Genetic disorder) etc throughout the country. IACIB was established in 1995 as a registered NGO. From its inception it has been working on all NTDs with special emphasis on LF. IACIB established two hospitals for LF and one “Thalassaemia Hospital and Institute”, all these three are the ONLY hospitals of this kind in the country and Globally as well for LF. Through these charitable hospitals the organization has been providing low cost services to the neglected poor people of the country, conducting various researches on NTDs. Fulbright fellow from USA, students from Japan, Australia, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs) etc are involved in various practical training, research on NTDs etc as a part of their master’s degree, MPH, PhD and the local researchers are also involved with different NTDs activities of IACIB. Only IACIB convinced and proposed the Ministry of Health (MOH) to start and develop all the separate projects/ programs of NTDs starting from LF in 2000 and gradually other projects under MOH. IACIB is involved with different control programs of MOH through Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). There was such tremendous success of NTDs control activities of MOH and IACIB that LF was declared eliminated in 2011, death rate of Malaria reduced from 700 yearly in 2006 to near 20 yearly now, death rate of Dengue yearly from 93 since 2000 reduced to 0 (Zero) since 2007 and similarly other NTDs as Leishmaniasis etc. Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh HE Sheikh Hasina was awarded by WHO in 2015 for tremendous success of control of communicable NTDs in Bangladesh, which was a great unparallel contribution of IACIB. IACIB for the first time organized the International conference on NTDs and Climate Change. Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh supported IACIB to establish one Hospital for NTDs. Now IACIB invites all to come forward for support for poor Thalassaemia patients, morbidity control of other NTDs, emerging and re-emerging diseases and research etc.


Moazzem Hossain, founder and chairman of IACIB, is a specialist in Microbiology, Immunology & Biotechnology with long experience in operation of Govt. & NGO projects. He worked in Directorate General of Health Service, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare as Director Disease Control for long.He received the ‘Vestergaard Frandsen Award 2011’ from the National Academy of Vectors and Vector Borne Diseases, India for the South East Asian region for his outstanding contributions in the field of communicable diseases control in Bangladesh.

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