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Review of high temperature superconductors and application in various fields

International Conference on Materials Science and Materials Chemistry
August 20-21, 2018 | Paris, France

Sumit Kumar Gupta

Parishkar College of Global Excellence, India

Keynote : Mater Sci Nanotechnol


The layered perovskite cuprate materials are a unique class of superconductors with unusual normal-state and superconducting properties. The common physics of all these materials is that of the underlying CuO2 planes. This review provides a survey of and guides to their physical properties as it relates to the superconductivity of this interesting group of conducting oxides. The present statuses on applications of cuprate-based high-temperature superconductors have been included. All characteristics of cuprate-based superconductors depending upon the recent discoveries and applications of those compounds have been included and explained in this article so that a researcher can get a good idea about this field.


Sumit Kumar Gupta is the dean of the faculty of Science department, Parishkar College of Global Excellence, India. In the department of physics with over 15 years of teaching, research, and administrative experience he has held various administrative positions. He has published 23 research papers in highly reputed UGC approved international journals. He had participated in 14 National and International Seminars and delivered over 19 lectures in the international and national conferences. He has been selected as a keynote Speaker in 3 International Conferences in material science 2017, London, Dubai and USA. He has written 7 books in engineering. He has been appointed as an editorial board member in UGC approved 41 international journals. 

E-mail: [email protected]

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