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Psychotherapeutic and psycho-social support for families of “disappeared”persons

2nd World Congress on Pediatrics and Clinical Pediatrics
June 12-13, 2019 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Barbara Preitler

Hemayat, Austria

Keynote : Curr Pediatr Res


Disappearance of a family member is a confusing situation for children. The traumatic situation the relatives of these people find themselves in is not over; a sense of closure with regards to the worries for the beloved person can only be achieved with great difficulties. The loss can’t be accepted as final. Again and again despair, hope and fear intrude into their family lives.

The situation of children in such families is special vulnerable. They need special attention and care – if possible through their parent/s. But often mothers and fathers are themselves confused and under traumatic stress. Professionals like social workers, teachers and therapists might give (additional) support the child in this difficult phase.

Based on my experience as psychotherapist with traumatized refugees in Europe and in different areas in Southern Asia the presentation will focus on possible therapeutic interventions for children and their parents who have to cope with the situation of “disappearance”.


Barbara Preitler is a psychologist, psychotherapist, lecturer and author. She has completed her PhD from University of Klagenfurt, Austria and her psychotherapeutic training in Vienna. She is a founding member of Hemayat, organization for Torture and War Victims in Vienna Austria and works there as psychotherapist. She is teaching in several colleges and universities in Austria. Publications about traumatisation in an intercultural context and complicated grief. (f.e.: Preitler (2015). Grief and Disappearance. Psychosocial Interventions. Dehli: Sage).

E-mail: [email protected]

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