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Promoting demedicalization of management of PCOS in gynecology OPDs through nonmedicinal lifestyle modification regimes – an experience from PGI Chandigarh, India

4th International Conference on Obstetrics and Gynecology
November 14-15, 2019 | Singapore

Singh AJ


Posters & Accepted Abstracts : Res Rep Gynaecol Obstet

DOI: 10.35841/2591-7366-C3-009


Quality of life (QOL) of the PCOS patients is poor due to its symptoms. Medicinal treatment for PCOS is not very effective. There is evidence that diet, exercise and lifestyle changes provide relief in PCOS cases. This presentation shares the evidence obtained through an RCT on the effectiveness of two lifestyle modification regimen on QOL of PCOS cases recruited from Gynecology OPD of PGIMER, India. One group of patients were counselled on diet and exercise along with probiotic administration. In second group placebo replaced probiotics. Majority of PCOS cases had obesity, hirsutism, abnormal menstruation, USG changes of polycystic ovaries, hyperinsulinemia, unhealthy lifestyle, more consumption of junk food, low physical activity and uncontrolled eating behavior. Both the interventions were effective. Diet and exercise alone were effective in improving the LH levels and LH to FSH ratio. Mean LH to FSH ratio reduced significantly more in the probiotic group. Probiotic supplementation had an overall additional benefit in reducing the abdominal fat, LH:FSH ratio, total testosterone, LPS level and menstrual regularity and in preserving gut motility. In probiotic group, menstrual regularity was attained in 31.3% girls as compared to 12.2% in placebo group. In 35% subject’s normal ultrasound was attained in probiotic group as compared to 18.2% in the placebo group. Both the groups reported significant improvement in QOL.Thus, simple change in lifestyle involving self-care supported by probiotic intake can easily cure PCOS without consuming hormonal pills.



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