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Prevalence of HCV in rural Menoufyia

16th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care
April 15-16, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Basem Mohamed Saleh

Menoufyia University, Egypt

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Objectives and Background: Egypt has the highest known prevalence of HCV in the world. With a current endemic attributed to the mass Schistomiasis treatment campaigns in the last century. The problem represents a major challenge to healthcare policymaker that hinders many development plans in the country. In this study, we aimed to highlight on the prevalence of HCV infection in rural Menoufia and examine the association between different variables and the seropositivity of HCV in our studied sample.

Methods: A screening campaign was conducted in five villages present in rural Menoufia. Blood samples from consented participants were tested for HCV Antibodies using Enzyme-Linked immunosorbent Assay “ELISA”. For assessment of the contribution to different risk factors to our results, our team interviewed the participants to complete the study developed questionnaire. Results were analyzed and Chi-Square test was used to assess the significance of associations in most of the study variables.

Results: Out of 1615 participants, 21.9% “n=354” of the screened sample tested positive for HCV antibodies. Various risk factors were significantly associated with higher risk for having HCV including parentral anti-schistosomiasis therapy, blood transfusion and invasive medical preosedures.

Conclusion: One of each five in the population of rural Menoufia is seropositive for HCV. Our results thus confirms the severity of the current disease burden in the Nile Delta of Egypt. The association found between different risk factors and the state of seropositivity adds to evidence suggesting the need for more strict infection control measures upon using invasive medical procedures.



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