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Overdose education and naloxone dispensing program (OEND )

3rd Global Summit on Psychiatry and Psychotherapie
November 10, 2022 | Webinar

Dr Jaswinder Singh Gandhi


Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Psychol Cognition


He is working with an NGO “Amrit Drug Deaddiction and Research Foundation” . He has 12 years experience in drug de addiction field with more than 1500 patients . 1. Membership - He is a member of various national and international Institutuions which are working on drug deaddiction namely ASAM , NAADAC , ISAM , IPS , IMA , ISA , ISCCM , ISSM , 2. Exam passed - In addition to a MBBS and MD degree , he is certified by ISAM ( International Society of Addiction Medicine ) in substance use disorders scoring 82% marks . ISAM is funded by World Health Organization and NIDA . 3. Works - He has attended many national and international conferences ( Netherlands ,Germany , Australia , Spain , Malaysia , Thailand ) and has presented his research works on deaddiction . Recently he presented his work in WPA conference held at Madrid(Spain) and IPS conference at Hyderabad . He is a reviewer of Buprenorphine website “Buppractice” which has trained more than 3000 doctors and which is funded entirely by SAMHSA ( American Govt ) . 4. Awards - He has won 3000 US Dollars fellowship award at ISAM 2013 conference held at Kuala lumpur where more than 1000 doctors from 100 countries of the world had participated . In year 2014 he has been nominated for “Voice” awards of American Govt . 5. Publications – He has written two story books on drug addiction . These books for which he has copy right are considered reference books in Punjabi on deaddiction . More than 30000 copies of his first book ( sixth edition ) and more than 7000 copies of his second book ( third edition ) have been distributed so far . Based on these stories a large number of award winning plays have been dramatized 6. A film against drug addiction “COME BACK JEETU” has been written and produced by him which is based on one of the stories of his first book . This film is being screened at many international film festivals. 7. Recently he has developed an interactive software “SANTAM” helping patients as well as physicians in diagnosis and treatment of Substance Use Disorder . This software is available for free download.


Dr Jaswinder Singh Gandhi ( MBBS , MD ) In addition his articles and stories are being published regularly in various leading newspapers, magazines and International Journals of repute. He is appearing regularly on Television and Radio shows for live interactive talk against drug addiction.

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