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Orthokeratology for special cases

3rd International Conference on Eye and Vision
August 21-23, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

Brunno Dantas

Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology, Brazil

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Ophthalmol Case Rep


Keratoconus is a non-inflammatory, often progressive, corneal disease that makes the cornea thinner and modifies its normal curvature, leading to poor visual acuity. The cornea often acquires anomalous conical shape, from which comes its name. This corneal clinical condition has always been considered as an impediment to the orthokeratology technique. It affects approximately one person in every two thousand people worldwide, causing visual impairment and usually develops up to the age of 40 years. There are some techniques and conducts in the management of keratoconus, among them corneal crosslink, corneal contact lens adaptation and scleral lenses, intracorneal ring implantation, and corneal transplantation. The need for adaptation of corneal or scleral lenses after surgical procedures is relatively common, even if this procedure is minimally invasive, which is not well received by patients, who hoped to avoid or reduce the need for Use of these lenses. Observing the ability to reshape the cornea with keratoconus, in some initial cases it is possible to make a discreet change in the technique and in the way of adapting the orthokeratology lens, achieving in some cases good visual acuity of these patients without the necessity of using corneal contact lenses or scleral lenses during the day. The application of this variation of the orthokeratology technique allowed, in these selected cases of keratoconus, the improvement of the visual acuity of the patient during the day, making unnecessary the use of rigid contact lenses.


Brunno Dantas is an ophthalmologist. Professor of special contact lenses of the specialization course in ophthalmology of the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology.

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