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Joint Event on International Conference on SURGERY AND ANESTHESIA & 3rd International Conference on GASTROENTEROLOGY
November 12 -13 , 2018 | Rome , Italy

Eduardo Rubio Ruiz, Rafael Moguel Anchita and Ricardo Segovia Gasque

Centro Medico de Cozumel, Mexico

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Case Rep Surg Invasive Proced


Propanidido is a eugenic GABAA allosteric inhibitor at mesencephalic and bulbar levels, that neutralizes the action of neuroleptics sites on the central nerve system. It exhibits rapid transformation by plasma cholinesterase into acid metabolites with no anesthetic effects. Hiltmann, on 1960-1965, introduced it for short surgical and minor dental procedures. It has rapid onset of effect, analgesic effect, early onset of consciousness, initially positive stimulant of respiratory rate, prolonged effect of muscle relaxant succinylcholine and rapid recovery in case of intoxication, without any venous irritation. Purpose: To consider the cost and time benefit of general application of propanidido for all endoscopic procedures. Methods and materials: We treated 99 patients with hypnotic medication propanidido and narcotic fentanyl for endoscopic procedures of multiple nationalities, different comorbidities, and variable ages. Results: Shown in figures Conclusion: It is a soft drug that causes short time of induction and rapid metabolization, great stability, oxygen saturation over 96%, without either, awareness, movements, ventilation depression neither accumulation titles in blood after 25 minutes of administration. It gives the attending physician the possibility for early onset of consciousness in 5 minutes and early 25 minutes discharge from the hospital.


Eduardo Rubio Ruiz has medical specialty in anesthesia from National Autonomous University of Mexico, Board certified by the Mexican council of anesthesia, chief of staff of anesthesia at Costamed hospital.


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