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Lymphedema stage III with ulcus: What must/can we do? (case report)

Joint Event on 2nd International Conference on Wound Care, Tissue Repair and Regenerative Medicine & World Congress on Microbiology & Applied Microbiology
February 21-22, 2019 | Paris, France

Tanja Planinsek Rucigaj

University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Trauma Crit Care

DOI: 10.4066/2591-7358-C1-002


A 61-year-old patient had damaged a left leg in an accident with a motor. When treatment was complete the left shin was not sufficiently vascularized. Due to an injury, swelling of the left leg with ulcers began to occur. The compression therapy was not possible, since the ankle brachial index was below 0.5, the swelling has increased, and erysipelas were appearing. On the fourth treatment with penicillin, the patient developed an allergic reaction to this antibiotic. The pain in the left legs increased. Since revascularization was not possible, and with insufficient compression therapy of left swollen leg, the question of eventual amputation of left leg above the knee was appeared. The transplantation of lymph nodes from the left axilla to the left popliteal fossa was performed. The edema of the left lower leg was softened and more reduced when patient start to walk, which was restricted due the pain before the surgical therapy. During the walking patient tolerates preventive stockings. At the site of the removal of the lymph nodes on the left thorax a contracture appeared. A limited mobility of the left arm is after physical therapy almost 100%. The erysipelas did not appear anymore.


Tanja Planinsek Rucigaj is dermatovenerologist from 2001. In 2003, she was elected for the assistant to the subject of dermatovenerology on Medical Faculty in Ljubljana. Since 2009, she is a lecturer at the College of Health Care Jesenice, now faculty of Health Angela Boskin. In 2015, she was finished two years study of lymphology at European e-Lymph school. Since April 2009, she is a head of Dermatovenerology Clinic, University Medical Centre Ljubljana. She completed her PhD in October 2018. From 2006-2014, she was the president of the Association of Slovenian Dermatovenerologists. Since 2008, she is a vice president of Balkan Venous Forum. Between 2011-2015, she was a president of Wound Management Association Slovenia, then as a vice-president till Jan 2017. From 2016, she is a president of Slovenian Association of Phlebology and Lymphology. She has more than 600 entries in Co-operative Online Bibliographic System/Servis and her publications have been cited over 140 times. 


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