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Incidence of White Coat Hypertension and Mask Hypertension with varying body mass index in children

Joint Event on 12th International Conference on Pediatrics Health Care & International Conference and Medicare Expo on Primary Healthcare
August 16-17, 2018 | Paris, France

Mohammad Ilyas

University of Florida, USA

Keynote : Curr Pediatr Res

DOI: 10.4066/0971-9032-C1-001


This study examined the incidence of white-coat hypertension (WCH) and masked hypertension (MHT) in the pediatric population with varying body mass index at our tertiary specialty clinic. We analyzed 174 patients that were referred to our center for the evaluation of hypertension. All of these patients were evaluated with 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM). We also obtained their body mass index (BMI), family history, gender, age, and ethnicity. The study showed that patients with a high BMI have a higher incidence of white coat hypertension. Of The patients with a BMI of greater than 30, 69% had WCH, of patients with a BMI from 25 to 30, 59% had WCH and of patients with a BMI of less than 25, 41% had WCH. In contrast, masked hypertension was observed more frequently in lean patients; 20% of patients with MHT had a BMI of less than 25, 17% of patients with MHT had a BMI of 25 to 30 and 5% of patients with MHT had a BMI of more than 30. In conclusion, ABPM is an effective tool to evaluate the white coat hypertension in obese and overweight children. As BMI increases, the incidence of WCH also increases. Given these results, we emphasize the importance of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in the management of pediatric hypertension with overweight and obese patients


Mohammad Ilyas, MD is a graduate from Dow Medical College University of Karachi Pakistan. Mohammad Ilyas trained at Brooklyn Hospital Center, Brooklyn New York at the department of pediatric during his residency. Afterward, he completed a fellowship at University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida in pediatric nephrology. Mohammad Ilyas has been practicing nephrology in the department of pediatrics at University of Florida and Wolfson Children in Jacksonville Florida since 2001. His practice focus on pediatric nephrology/rheumatology. His research interest is role of Obesity in Pediatric hypertension and post streptococcus glomerulonephritis. He currently has 14 publications in various journal including New England Journal of Medicine. He served as “guest editor” for Nephrology edition of North Florida Medicine Journal. Mohammad Ilyas has presented his research in many national and international conferences. Currently Mohammad Ilyas is associate professor at University of Florida and hold certification from American Board of Pediatric and Pediatric nephrology.


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