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IceBand knee brace towards rapid rehabilitation in post-operative total knee replacements: A prospective trial

International Surgery and Ortho Conference
October 25-26, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

Mansoor Jafri, Aftab Ahmad and Perrico Nunag

Dr. Gray’s Hospital, Scotland

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Case Rep Surg Invasive Proced


IceBand® is a disposable cooling compression brace made of protective non-woven fabrics. It is available as a pair and uses pure water and phase changing element technology providing long lasting cooling effects to swollen and warm postoperative knees. This is safe, simple, and efficient way to faster rehabilitation and postoperative pain relief. The trial was compared against previously used Cryo- Cuffs which were bulky, cools off quickly and required attachment to a water cooler, involving staff help. It required re-chilling after first half hour and last for twenty minutes only. Cleaning is required before using for another subject to avoid risk of infection transmission. In contrast, IceBand® provided cooling phase lasting more than sixty minutes, and re usable up to thirty times after repeated cooling of spare brace in freezer. It hardly required any staff involvement and the subjects were mobile independently as there was no attachment to the water cooler. Twelve random patients participated in the trial. Each used both methods for half a day. Questionnaires were handed to patients asking parameters of user friendly, security, interference with mobility, pain relief, preference of method and complications if any. Each parameter was given a score and average calculated. All patients opted for IceBand®, as it is comfortable for mobility, lighter, simple application, user friendly, longer lasting and re-useable spare available to take home, and disposed as household waste. Pain relief scored is 8.5 for IceBand® vs 5.25 for cryo-cuff. Mobility score 8.58 vs six application ease 9.5 vs. 5.75 and overall score of 38.33 vs. 23.


Mansoor Jafri is an Orthopedic Surgeon working at Dr. Gray’s Hospital, Scotland.

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