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Games for patient engagement and empowerment in Neurological Rehab

International Conference on Health Care and Neuroscience
April 08-09, 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

Lucia Pannese and Antonio Ascolese

Imaginary srl, Italy

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One of the issues with neurological rehabilitation is a strong lack of adherence, with adverse effect on patients’ condition leading clearly to a poor quality of life, but also to increased socioeconomic burdens for the system. There is globally a clear need for a solution that is scalable; practical and non-intrusive for the patient; that operates from a clinic, as well as remotely from the patient’s residence (allowing for continuity in training, reducing visits to the clinic and overall expense to healthcare system and patient’s families); that allows different specialists working with the same patient to enter a “care network”; that monitors motivation of the patient allowing for intelligent adaptation of the treatment based on feedbacks; provides supportive patient feedback to re-engage, motivate and keep them involved etc. The question in this context is how to motivate and empower neurological patients to adhere to their therapy and actively participate in a process instead of suffering from it: we have a strong experience with serious games and virtual tutoring approaches that we will share in this interactive workshop. Creating our REHABILITY system through the last 7 years, which addresses the above mentioned issues, we conducted several research activities in Europe and SE Asia; based on our findings as well as on participants’ experiences, we will involve attendees in activities and discussions to share views and imagine how rehabilitation processes need to change to support a behavioral change in patients and what role games can have into virtual tutoring. The workshop will welcome professionals and stakeholders with different profiles, in order to consider many different perspectives in our discussion and the REHABILITY system will be available during the workshop.


Lucia Pannese graduated in Applied Mathematics, has more than 20 years managing experience in innovation & research projects with special focus on digital interactive technologies to deliver user experiences. In Feb 2004 funding partner of imaginary, where she covers the role of CEO and research director, she is heavily involved in European research around enabling technologies, specifically Serious Games, gamification and digital interactive technologies for learning, training and behavioral change across several sectors, particularly health & care and training. With numerous publications, she is often involved in international conferences and organizing local as well as international events.

E-mail: [email protected]

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