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Emergencies in pediatric oncology: Need to know knowledge for oncology nurses

16th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care
April 15-16, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Asohan Thevarajah

Sabah Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Malaysia

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Emergencies in paediatric oncology can occur as the initial presentation of the cancer, during progression of the cancer and during or after cancer chemotherapy. Early identification and appropriate intervention will prevent dire consequences. As oncology nurses are in constant contact with children with cancer they have an important role in the management of emergencies in paediatric oncology. Leukaemia is the most common cancer in children accounting for approximately 35% of all childhood cancer. Oncology emergencies that commonly occur in childhood leukaemias that paediatric oncology nurses need to know are tumour lysis syndrome, hyperleukocytosis, superior vena cava syndrome and neutropaenic sepsis.



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