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Diabetic eye disorders and a novel approach via “OPTICORR”

Joint Event International Conference on Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Syndrome & Annual Summit on Diabetes, Obesity & Heart
March 07-08, 2019 | London, UK

Vinod Chandra Tawar

King George Medical Clinic, Canada

Keynote : J Diabetol


Diabetic eye disorders have been of common occurrence resulting from a progressive uncontrolled disease leading to cataracts and retinopathy. A review of past literature from 2006 to date has demonstrated a common message i.e. utilizations of vitamins for the resolutions of retinal disorders. The researchers in 2006 had shown the effects of retinol as an agent in the treatment of age-related maculopathy. Subsequent studies were focused on Vitamin A supplementation in children for Retinal dysfunction. Our current research from 2015 had one primary objective of creating a topical preparation as an alternative to the oral treatment to escape from systemic side effects. The OPTICORR our innovative formulation was studied in the pilot project and had shown a dramatic improvement restoring to normal vision. The patients were instructed to apply OPTICORR on the eyelids externally for a duration of 12 weeks. A large scale study has been conducted with a target population of 30 patients. The project will be continued for an in determined period due to the encouraging benefits for a duration to normal restoration. In addition, the medication has shown resolution of challenging dermatological diseases. The study was free of any adverse symptoms except for presence of l erythema at the region of the application on the skin would likely indicate intolerance to vitamin ingredients therefore a discontinuation would be warranted.


Vinod Chandra Tawar has earned BSc Hons. and BSc Tech. Pharmaceuticals from University of Bombay. He was offered a teaching assistantship at the School of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba, Canada, where he achieved a Post-graduate (MSc) degree in Pharmacology followed by working as a Toxicologist at a University Hospital in Winnipeg for a duration of 10 years. In due course, he developed a Toxicology laboratory for patient management and Forensic purposes. This later became a reference laboratory for the Province of Manitoba. In 1981, he decided to study Medicine and graduated Medicine in 1985. Subsequently, he joined Douglas Hospital Research Centre at McGill University as a Psychiatry Research Consultant with participation in projects on depression, Alzheimer’s disease, alcoholism and schizophrenia. Currently he is working in King George Medical Clinic, Canada. 


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