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Corporate trends in Healthcare influencing care delivery

Joint Event on Healthcare and Health Management & Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
August 27-28, 2018 | London, UK

Serene K Zeni

Seyburn’s Health Care Practice Group, USA

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Healthcare innovation and investment has grown exponentially in the last few years. In addition, the overall trend towards value-based reimbursement throughout the world has driven providers towards new care delivery models. Employers, like Amazon, entering the healthcare market, have changed the overall market for providers and provider entities. Healthcare providers and provider entities across the world are rapidly trying to adapt to these changes. These developments demand rapid change to a healthcare market unfamiliar with how to effectively make these changes without compromising their profitability or the quality of the care. This program will give providers the tools they need to adapt to these changes. We will discuss the need for restructuring and recapitalization in healthcare and how changing care delivery models need to parallel corporate restructuring to succeed. We will discuss the particular mechanisms of restructuring available to healthcare providers and entities across the spectrum of specialties. The program will also discuss opportunities for recapitalization through such trends as healthcare private equity and venture capital investing. While discussing the advantages and disadvantages of these developments to care improvement, this program will illustrate how this development is truly a positive direction for providers who have largely struggled to reconcile their balance sheets with the increasing regulatory burdens. This trend will also vastly improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare to patients. Finally, the program will address how the corporate trends in healthcare will drive the overall healthcare market further towards innovation and entrepreneurship. Overall this program will be a great opportunity for all providers looking to combat the challenges to their profitability giving them a multifaceted approach to care without compromising compliance, value, quality and profit, while opening their perspective to new opportunities to growth, innovation, and capital.



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