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Combination of oral lymecycline and (adapalene and benzyl peroxide) gel with salicylic peel in treatment of nodulocystic acne in a female in fertile period: Case study

Joint Event on International Conference on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery & International Conference on Biomarkers
March 11-12, 2019 | London, UK

Manal Elsabae Gamil Sedrak

CosmeSurge, UAE

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Background: Clearance of nodulocystic acne lesions in a female in fertile period where oral Isotretinoin cannot be given with safety. Nodulocystic acne is a severe form of inflammatory acne characterised by the presence of nodules and cysts that are painful and often leave scarring. Because of this severe type of acne can cause scarring, it’s best to start treating it as quickly as possible. Oral antibiotics or isotretinoin is usually prescribed; sometimes corticosteroid injections can be used for immediate relief or to avoid scarring. One 24 years old newly married female presented to the clinic with severe distressful nodulocystic acne, oral Isotretinoin was totally unaccepted by both the patient and her husband. Salicylic acid peel was done after gentle evacuation of the lesions every 2 weeks interval, together with Oral administration of lymecycline and topical application of (adapalene Benzyl peroxide gel) evening time, leaving a gap of 2 days interval before and after the peels.

Results: Good improvement is seen after one month with complete clearance of lesions within 3 months of treatment. No scars are left behind, only post inflammatory hyperpigmentations, with minimal macular scars that can be handled by micro needling and laser combination.

Conclusion: Safety and efficacy of combination treatment with oral lymecycline and Adapalene perioxide gel with Salicylic peels in patients in fertile period without taking the precautions and risks oral Isotretinoin therapy.



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