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Challenges & pitfalls in nursing and pharmacists training for QOPI ® certification

16th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care
April 15-16, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Anghel Adrian Udrea

Medisprof Cancer Center, Romania

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QOPI certification is one of the most valuable quality services accreditations in medical oncology worldwide. Since 2016 this is available for practices outside USA. Medisprof Cancer Center is the 7th international practice awarded with this certificate. Oncology training for nurses and pharmacists is not mandatory to practice in Romania. But they are for QOPI certification. The presentation will guide the audience through the challenges and pitfalls of this process described below. First, we had to motivate the team about the scopes of having the QOPI certification. The major difficulty being a medical system that does not care about quality. The only national reimbursement, mandatory system for Romanians do not have any procedures in this regard. We had to establish a comprehensive training program and competency assessment for new staff, as well as monitoring competency in chemotherapy administration at regular interval for all nurses. This included all routes of administration: oral, parenteral, intravesical, intratecal. Handling of hazardous drugs education was done by our 2 ESOP certificated pharmacists and is updated at regular intervals. EMR (electronic medical record) in Romanian, data entry system was elaborated by our IT staff. Accurate data entry by oncology nurses was mandatory in order to have the traceability of their work with the patients. Finally, regular auditing in order to verify that procedures are respected is to be done in order to maintain quality and certification.



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