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Cancer workforce: Competencies to support the workforce to deliver integrated, people-centred cancer care across different care settings

16th International Conference on Oncology Nursing and Cancer Care
April 15-16, 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Dany Bell

Macmillan Cancer Support, UK

Keynote : J Med Oncl Ther


Macmillan has undertaken a workforce review utilising Macmillan’s evidence and insight into the common concerns of people with cancer by using data obtained from our electronic holistic needs assessment and care planning tool; with the aim to identify the skills needed in the cancer workforce to address those concerns. This has enabled Macmillan to better understand the skills needed in the cancer workforce as a whole to deliver person centred care and support. This work is closely aligned to several other workforce projects e.g.

• Cancer Nurse Specialist and Patient Experience Theory of Change development

• Quality Standards development for Cancer Nurse Specialist

• An operational delivery model to deploy workforce and skills across care settings

• Cancer Workforce Census

Macmillan Cancer Support is working to strengthen capacity in the delivery of integrated, people-centred cancer services, as they recognise the significant limitations in available trained cancer workforce and the need for a cultural shift in how people with cancer are supported and empowered to ensure person centred care. Our workforce is not equipped across the range of care settings and there are other workforce challenges. Macmillan need to be able to influence and support thinking differently about the workforce and ensure we can work with statutory organisations to enable the right training, roles and competence frameworks to be developed and used. As a result we have been working with workforce experts and key stakeholders and developed a methodological skills mix framework to test and to ultimately build workforce capacity through policy dialogues. Workforce is challenging in all countries and identifying core skills to ensure needs of people with cancer are met is relevant widely to all countries.


Dany Bell is Specialist Advisor for Treatment and Recovery at Macmillan Cancer Support. She is a Registered General Nurse with 31 years’ experience in the NHS. and has a Diploma in Palliative Care and Master of Science Degree in Pain Management. During her career she has clinically managed a surgical oncology ward, hospice ward, has experience as a clinical nurse specialist in specialist palliative care as well as being lead clinical nurse for a hospital specialist palliative care team. She has undertaken senior management roles in the NHS including lead cancer nurse and cancer manager as a joint role; as well as a head of operations role for an acute trust. Within her management roles has undertaken systemwide service improvement to redesign pathways and improve experience and care; as well as implement new service reconfigurations in sarcoma and urology. She is having special interest in emotional and psychological care, with a passion to improve this in cancer care, has undertaken various counselling in health and social care training qualifications. She has been employed by Macmillan since April 2014. In her current role she advises Macmillan on strategic direction and provides insight and expertise across treatment and recovery thematic areas. 


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