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Cancer care delivery and Women’s health

Joint Event on Healthcare and Health Management & Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
August 27-28, 2018 | London, UK

Fatimah Aji

Voice of Women in Africa, UAE

Keynote : J Public Health Policy Plann


The number of cancer patients and survivors worldwide continues to grow as a result of our aging and growing population. Research has shown a crisis of the cancer care delivery system resulting in large numbers of cancer patients combined with increasingly complex treatments and rising costs associated with health care. Advances in genomics and a call for precision medicine have supported these concerns and still our expenditure on cancer care has continued to rise disproportionately.There are multiple factors within the healthcare system that impact the experience of the cancer patient and oncology provider. Most women with cancer are often the primary social support of their family creating unique social impediments for the families of patients. Additionally, part of the diagnosis of breast or gynecologic malignancy may include a perceived loss of “womanhood” and related body image concerns. This work will also look at the historical inequality, cultural perceptions, and attitudes and implicit bias and its impact on the way that the female cancer patients interact with the health-care system and may likely to complicate shared decision-making and generate psychological barriers to quality care delivery. The multilevel interventions needed to advance the care and experience of the breast and gynecologic cancer patient, are, therefore, distinct. In this issue of Frontiers in Oncology and Women’s Health, we have to explore the specific challenges of the cancer care delivery system as it relates to the care of women with breast and gynecologic cancer. In this work, we will be looking at all the sub-fields related to oncology like supportive care, onco-dermatology, etc. At the end of the work, contribution would have been made to the world of knowledge.


Fatimah Aji enjoys access at the highest levels to key decision makers in both public and private sectors globally and especially in Africa. She has championed the building and strengthening of economic and political relationships between the emerging countries and economies of Africa and those of the more developed world, always with the goal of poverty reduction and capacity building through education and through the creation of employment opportunities to benefit particularly women. She supports the promotion of information technology as a key tool for both social and business-to-business networking and this is an essential part of her mission to improve the quality of life for women in Africa, and to create meaningful opportunities for all. She was one of the first women to organize the All African First Lady Summit on peace, economic development, and the empowerment of women in Africa. She has used her impressive managerial skills to highlight and promote sustainable development in the poorest nations of Africa and to highlight the impressive success and achievements of those that are more prosperous. She is the Princess of support, encouragement, empowerment, and hope, for the woman of Peace. 

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