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March 27-28, 2019 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Suchitra Kumari Biswal and Lam Sudha Rani

Andhra Medical College, India

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Ophthalmol Case Rep


Choroidal osteoma is a rare benign, ossifying tumor within choroid. The first case presented at the meeting of Verhoeff Society in 1975 and reported by Gass etal. It is often an unilateral condition that affects juxtapapillary area, more common in females. Case Report: A 32 years old male patient presented with a history of 13 years of gradual decline in visual acuity in both eyes, left eye more than right eye associated with metamorphopsia. Visual acuity at presentation: Right eye: counting fingers at 1 meter. Left eye: counting fingers at 1/2 meter. Anterior segment examination was normal in both eyes. No history of any systemic disease or significant family history. History of multiple intravitreal injections for the above complaint. Fundus:OD: Media- clear,optic disc size and shape normal. A whitish elevated subretinal mass with irregular contour present in the posterior pole within 30* with scalloped edges, with pigmented epithelial change with subretinal heamorrhage in extrafoveal area in superior part at 1/2 disc diameter. OS: Media – clear, optic disc size and shape normal. A whitish elevated subretinal mass with irregular contour present in posterior pole within 30* with scalloped edges,with scarring at foveal area. In comparision to photographic documentation, shows that mass has increased in size over 10years. FFA of both eyes shows late diffuse staining of tumor in both eyes and in right eye diffuse leak in foveal area. B- SCAN picture of both eyes shows focal subretinal calcification with shadowing posterior to lesion (pseudo optic nerve apperance). OCT picture of right eye shows the foveal thinning and in left eye irregular foveal contour with scarred CNVM. FAF of both eyes shows irregular hyperflourescence suggestive of few decalcification.

Conclusion: Choroidal osteoma is a rare choroidal lesion of bone density with propensity for growth, decalcification, and development of CNVM. In the case presented here, presentation is bilateral and tumor growth over a 13 years period was noted, and decline in visual acuity with secondary complications resistant to multiple intravitreal anti VEGF.As a consequence of rarity other ocular condition must be considered like amelanotic choroidal melanoma, choroidal metastasis and more. Long-term monitoring of the tumor will be important along with treatment of secondary complications.


Suchitra Kumari Biswal has completed her MS ophthalmology from Andhra Medical College. Now she is doing her senior residency from Andhra Medical College.

E-mail: suchitrabiswal01@gmail.com

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