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Bacteriophages as promising biomedical tools

Joint Event on 2nd International Conference on Wound Care, Tissue Repair and Regenerative Medicine & World Congress on Microbiology & Applied Microbiology
February 21-22, 2019 | Paris, France

Pilar Domingo Calap

University of Valencia, Spain

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : J Trauma Crit Care

DOI: 10.4066/2591-7358-C1-003


Bacteriophages or phages are natural predators of bacteria. Despite their discovery one century ago, phages are nowadays proposed as interesting tools in biomedical fields, mainly due to the emergence of multi drug resistant bacteria. Indeed, phages can be used in prevention, diagnosis and as therapeutic tools against not only pathogenic bacteria. In this view, phages can be engineered to fight against other pathogens like viruses, fungi, or even to specifically treat tumour cells. Drug discovery, vaccine development, antibody engineering, epitope mapping, gene/drug delivery or enzyme technology are examples of the potential use of phages in clinics. The large potential of phages as biomedical tools is increasing, thanks to their easy manipulation, high specificity and low production cost. Creation of adequate regulatory protocols and ethical concerns will help in the success of phage in clinics, and to the general acceptance by the general public.



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