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Anti-energy based unconventional prophylactic HIV/AIDS vaccine provide proof of concept in human

Global Vaccines & Vaccination Summit & B2B
November 01-02, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

Uniyal Bandana

Shri Radheykrishna Oaj (AIDS) Vaccine Organization, India

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Ann Clin Trials Vaccines Res


The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) pandemic is now in its fourth decade. With more than 35 million infected in over thirty years, the HIV pandemic has been a unique challenge to the scientific community. The development of effective antiretroviral therapy has decreased morbidity and mortality of those infected with HIV, but a comprehensive approach that includes effective preventive strategies will be needed to curb this unique pandemic. Vaccine remains the best option, but the development of a safe and effective preventive HIV vaccine has defied decades of research. Over 30 products have been tested in more than 85 trials, but no safe and effective vaccine has been developed yet. Despite these setbacks, these decades of research have broadened the understanding of HIV immunopathogenesis and closer to the goal of a successful HIV vaccine. Understanding the unique obstacles in HIV vaccine development has been key in creating breakthroughs and tracing a path forward. The complexity of this challenge has required innovative approach to vaccine development. Prototype HIV-1 vaccine candidates aimed at eliciting humoral and cellular immune responses have so far failed to protect against HIV-1 infection or to reduce viral loads after infection in clinical efficacy studies. A new unconventional basic research study finds a proof of concept in human when 1:2 dilutions of HIV-1 infected (positive) serum with anti-energy substance which lost its infectivity when left for two weeks. This vaccine strategy is based on energy utilized by the HIV-1 virus for replication inside host rather than proteinious nature of virus. No chemical treatment is required for inactivation and killing of HIV-1 virus. Vaccine was administered intramuscularly to HIV negative individual. After 3.5 years of follow up study, vaccine subject does not show any symptoms of HIV-1 infection and humoral antibody response. Protection was occurred due to cellular immunity. Sexual transmission of virus does not occur in study subject while no prevention methods were used during sexual relationship. In vaccine subject general parameters of blood (Complete Blood Count) is normal in range. The nature of HIV infections argues strongly that an effective vaccine must block infection such that it never becomes established in vaccinated individuals (i.e., sterilizing protection). The basic research study provides proof of concept for prophylactic HIV-1 vaccine in human. The study vaccine is safe and effective


Uniyal Bandana is working on my unconventional anti-energy based hypothesis. She is a young Researcher and her prime aim of life is to prepare preventive vaccine against HIV/AIDS and struggling for developing her aim in reality. To fulfill her dream, she developed an organization. She has got Young Scientist B Fellowship in 2008 by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi

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