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Joint Event on International Conference on SURGERY AND ANESTHESIA & 3rd International Conference on GASTROENTEROLOGY
November 12 -13 , 2018 | Rome , Italy

Quratulain Fatima Masood, Q Ayub, T Perwez, T Ahmed, T Arain, Muhammad H, Asad A, Kaleem A, Hussain I and Mariel Elisa

Yale University of Medicine, USA

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Case Rep Surg Invasive Proced


The aim of the study was to reveal the pattern of adipokine production in normal versus hypertrophic breast tissue, using protein micro arrays. The hypothesis proposed was a differential expression of adipokines in normal verses hypertrophic breast tissue. Twenty one surgical breast tissue samples were taken and frozen immediately after excision. Two samples were taken from normal female breasts and one from a normal male breast. Fifteen samples from macro mastic, and three samples from gynaecomastic breasts, were taken during various breast reduction procedures. The proteins in the surgical tissue samples were extracted and analyzed using protein micro arrays. Protein assays from representative samples showed striking similarities. The expression of protein molecules in macromastic and gyneacomastic breasts, when compared to normal female and male representative assays, showed similar results. Adipose tissue and capillary endothelial tissues have an active interplay of paracrine and autocrine dynamics. Adipose tissue development requires constant vascular remodeling and multiple angiogenic molecules produced in adipose tissue may contribute to the complex regulation of adipogenesis.


Quratulain Fatima Masood has been serving as a medical intern, after graduating from Army Medical College, national university sciences and technology. Following a brief period at Yale as a research associate, at the department of plastics and reconstructive surgery, she became the sole pioneer of the student research forum, at her home institution. Her experience at Yale emerged as global forum, where she mentors students at research paper writing. Other than individual research papers, her major completed contributions are noted at the leading American publication groups including, encyclopedia of global health, encyclopedia of cancer and society and Encyclopedia of stem cell research all published with the renowned publisher SAGE publications. CPR related brain death, options and perspectives by SM publications, is an ongoing project an interesting perspective on deep brain trans cranial electromagnetic stimulation, and its application in brain dead patients. She has presented her research across the globe, in form of posters, and oral presentations, with the honor of having two of her papers being invited to be presented at New England hand surgery society; at the world congress of regenerative medicine & stem cell in China and the annual research symposium, University of Colombo.


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