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A study on effect of anti‐tuberculosis drugs on liver function

Annual Congress on Cell Science, Stem Cell Research & Pharmacological Regenerative Medicine
November 29-30, 2017 | Atlanta, USA

Liliane Uwimana

University of Rwanda, Rwanda

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A study is aimed to assess the effect of anti-tuberculosis drugs on liver function among the patients who attended King Faisal Hospital during the period of two years. A sample of 165 tuberculosis patients receiving the standard treatment of TB drug during the period of two years was done, only 22 patients for whom liver function test was done before and during treatment with anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs were considered. The hepatotoxicity consisted of high concentration of ALT (Alanine Amino Transferase)/ AST (Aspartate Amino Transferase), Jaundice or high concentration of total bilirubin. The result revealed that among 22 patients, 68.5% had ALT/AST at normal range at the beginning of treatment with anti TB drugs. After 3 months of anti TB therapy the record showed that 45% of them has ALT beyond the normal range and after 6 months of therapy the ALT level showed high frequency of liver dysfunction up to 79%. It is essential to monitor liver function from beginning of therapy with anti-tuberculosis drugs.


Liliane Uwimana is working as a Pharmacist in Pharmacie Royale and has completed her Bachelor’s degree from University of Rwanda. She has worked in King Faisal Hospital as Pharmacist where she did her research on Effect of Anti Tuberculosis Drugs on Liver Function.

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