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Thomas Anthony Donelon Author

Conference Announcement on 3rd Euro Sports Medicine-Fitness and Physiotherapy

Section of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, United Kingdom


Thomas Donelon is a University Instructor and PhD candidate in Sports Biomechanics and Strength and Conditioning at Canterbury Christ Church University. Tom completed his BSc in Sport Science (Advanced Strength and Conditioning) at The University of Salford in 2016, attaining a first-class degree with honours. During this time he developed a deep interest in biomechanics, predominantly the biomechanics of Strength and Conditioning, and injury incidence and prevention. Previous posts have involved the testing of team GB triple jumpers, 3D motion analysis of elite endurance runners and other athletic populations, alongside a research assistance post in clinical gait analysis

Subjects of specialization: movement, Musculoskeletal, tool

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