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Allied Academies News Number 1 - Fall 1997

We intend to produce four of these on-line newsletters each year. We will publish one after each conference in order to inform interested parties about the conference results, award winners, and other notable information. We will also be publishing a newsletter prior to major conferences in order to assist participants in planning for the up-coming conference. These newsletters should be very informative and quite helpful to those of you interested in attending Allied Academies conferences. YouTube to Mp3

In This Issue

The Maui Conference Awards | The Internet Conference | On-Line Publications
The Myrtle Beach Conference | Refereeing On-Line

The Maui Conference

maui1 The Maui Conference is over and it was quite successful. We were expecting to have around 50 participants, and we ended up with more than 100. We received a great deal of positive feedback from everyone involved. source


winners1The following people received awards for outstanding papers at the Maui conference in October. Their papers will be published in the next issue of the journals indicated. We would like to congratulate them on their excellent performance and hope that you will join their list at future conferences.

Bridging the Gender Gap in Communications
Marcia L. James, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Is There a Relationship Between Personality Types and Instructional Methods
Bill McPherson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Politics and Politicians
William T. Jackson, Stephen F. Austin State University
Robert W. Boozer, Stetson University
Larry R. Watts, Stephen F. Austin State University
Geralyn M. Franklin, Stephen F. Austin University

Entrepreneurial Identity, Intentions and the Effect of the Push Factor
Jukka Vesalainen, University of Vaasa, Finland
Timo Pihkala, University of Vaasa, Finland

A Contingency Theory for Organizational Transfer Pricing
Michael F. Thomas, University of Nevada-Reno

A Disaster Recovery Deal: Asking the Right Questions
Leilani Fountain, Columbus State University
Charlotte Stephens, Columbus State University


This year marked the beginning of what we trust will be the first of a long and honored tradition of giving a plaque and a check for $1000 for the best dissertation in entrepreneurship. This years winner was Michael D. Ensley, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Mike just received his Doctor of Business Administration degree from Mississippi State University in May. His dissertation was entitled "The Effect of Entrepreneurial Team Skill Heterogeneity and Conflict on New Venture Strategic Orientation and Performance: A Study of the Inc. 500". We congratulate him on his outstanding dissertation and wish for him a long and successful career in entrepreneurship education.

Virtual Conference

The internet conference schedule has been changed due to a lack of registrants. Instead of having ten separate track conferences as we originally planned, we have combined all ten into one joint conference. It will be held in May and we hope that people will take advantage of the numerous benefits to internet conferencing. For example, virtual conferences make a cost effective alternative to physical conferences. Virtual registration fees are currently only US $150, and papers presented at virtual conferences have an equal chance for journal publication with papers presented at physical conferences. A bulletin board system will also be used in order to make the sessions more life like.

On-Line Journals and Proceedings

As many of you may have noticed, the Maui Proceedings have been put on the web page in Adobe Acrobats PDF (portable document format). Our research indicates that this is the most effective way to publish documents on-line, and will be the method used most in the future by publishers. Documents formatted into PDF files retain all of their text attributes and formatting commands. Therefore, when these documents are printed, they look exactly as they would in the hard paper copy of the Journal or Proceedings. We will be reformatting the Journals already on the web from HTML to PDF. However, we will leave the HTML formatted Journals on the web for the time being.

All members who attended the Maui Conference were given user names and passwords to access the protected Journals. We have not received any Library subscriptions yet, and we strongly encourage all members to solicit subscriptions from their institutes library. We need all of the help we can get, so check out the Subscription Form, print it out and take it to your librarian. We cannot justify the printing costs at this time to offer institutional subscriptions in hard copy format, but we see the electronic format as the environmentally friendly wave of the future. Save a tree and subscribe on-line.

Myrtle Beach Conference

maui2Allied Academies will hold its 1998 national meeting in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Presentation dates will be April 14 through April 16, 1998, with registration on the evening of April 13. To provide you with maximum outlets for your research, the Allied Academies will hold joint meetings of all its member academies. Please consult the conference call for more information. Remember to continue checking the web page as conference time approaches. The schedule will be published on-line and e-mailed as attachments to all participants. If you have special scheduling needs, please submit them as early as possible to support@alliedacademies.org.

We are working hard to make the Myrtle Beach conference our biggest yet. We hope to attract many new members as well as all of our current and past members. In order to accomplish this goal we need all of the help we can get. So contact friends and colleagues and tell them about Allied Academies up coming conferences.

On-Line Referee Forms

Now, those individuals refereeing papers for publication will have the benefit of logging onto our web site and filling out a form. There are four different forms depending upon the type of manuscript: Free Enterprise, Educational and Pedagogic, Theoretical and Empirical, and Case. After reviewing papers, referees simply fill in the form with their comments and submit them directly to us. We hope that this new system will be far quicker and more efficient than our past system.

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