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2021: Volume 5, Issue 2

Short Communication P.6-6

Effect Of P53 Gene In Cancer.

Author(s): Leonard Lee

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Short Communication P.7-8

Targeted therapy for cancer treatment

Author(s): Abu Hanifa

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Commentary P.9-9

Stem cells transplants in cancer treatment

Author(s): Martin Spencer

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Short Communication P.10-12

Magische kugel against cancer.

Author(s): Yevgeny Tendler, Tendler Alexander, Alexander Panshin

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Perspective P.13-14

Outlines of skin cancer

Author(s): Omnia Adel

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 8
2021: Volume 5, Issue 7

Short Communication P.39-39

Developing stem cell therapy for cancer.

Author(s): Gelagay Baye

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Perspective P.40-40

Epidemiology of hepatocellular carcinoma in children.

Author(s): Tinsae Hansson

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Perspective P.41-41

Study about lymphangiogenesis in various cancers.

Author(s): Takeo Goya *

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Perspective P.42-42

Gene fusions in genitourinary oncology referring to cancers.

Author(s): Yunusa Araya

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 6

Short Communication P.33-33

Heterogeneous qualities of bladder cancer

Author(s): Davis Mark

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Short Communication P.34-34

Trends in epidemiology of skin cancer diagnosis

Author(s): Hu Liu

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Perspective P.36-36

The physiological evaluation of multiple myeloma.

Author(s): Yuji Oshimi

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Perspective P.37-37

The predominance of leukemia cancer mortality

Author(s): Ali Abadi

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 5

Short Communication P.28-28

Nanoparticles action in cancer angiogenesis.

Author(s): Samira Beghum

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Short Communication P.29-29

Suppressive immune response in cancer patients.

Author(s): Anne Maki

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Perspective P.30-30

Epidemiology of prostate cancer.

Author(s): Shin Lee

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Short Communication P.31-31

Lung cancer invasion and metastasis mechanism.

Author(s): Ju Wang

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Perspective P.32-32

Expression of miRNAs in human tumors.

Author(s): Kenny Rose

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 4

Short Communication P.23-23

Role of genomic instability in cancer

Author(s): Mandy Mahoney

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Perspective P.26-26

Oral tumors: a review and molecular oncology aspects.

Author(s): Bharti Patel

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Perspective P.27-27

The formation of small DNA fragments: a new biomarker.

Author(s): Mauris Angus

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