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Clinical Microbiology and Genetics

Mini Review P.1-3

A note on diagnosis of parasitic diseases

Author(s): Yasser Mahmmod

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Editorial P.5-5

Antigenic shift and drift of influenza virus

Author(s): Maria Elizabeth Marquez-Contreras*

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Short Communication P.6-7

Difference between influenza and coronavirus

Author(s): Pasteur Louis Robert

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 1

Editorial P.1-1

Antigenic variation in bacteria

Author(s): Jeongsook Yoon

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Editorial P.1-1

Causes for Phytopathology and its Effects

Author(s): Giulio Tarro

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Research Article P.1-6

An Assessment of the innocuity of Enterococcus faecium isolated from buffalo milk in southern Brazil

Author(s): Jéssica Pires Kurtz, Tiela Trapp Grassotti, Ana Paula Guedes Frazzon, Márcia Monks Jantzen, Amanda de Souza da Motta*

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Awards 2020 P.1-2

Awards for Euro Genetic Research 2021

Author(s): Juan Castellano

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Commentary P.1-2

Predicting microalgae growth

Author(s): Andr? L S Santos

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2021: Proceedings on International Conference on Molecular Microbiology

Abstract P.8-8

Vaccination in special hosts

Author(s): Huda Sulaiman Al Dhanhani

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2021: Volume 5, Issue 3
2021: Volume 5, Issue 2
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