Journal of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research

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Current Issue

2021: Volume 4, Issue 3

Editorial P.1-1

Cancer during pregnancy.

Author(s): Susan Mary


Perspective P.1-1

The difficulties in cancer treatment.

Author(s): Prakash Dubey


Perspective P.1-2

Lung cancer!

Author(s): Aneesha Das


Commentary P.1-1

Recent progress of stem cell therapy in cancer treatment!

Author(s): Elisa Mohammed


2021: Volume 4, Issue 1

Short Communication P.1-2

Lung cancer& its treatment

Author(s): Simone Coles

Abstract PDF

Short Communication P.3-4

Oncology rehabilitation

Author(s): Myriam Mitrou

Abstract PDF

Editorial P.5-6

Innovations on Clinical Oncology Research

Author(s): Arezou A Ghazani

Abstract PDF

Commentary P.7-8

Immunotherapy for cancer treatment

Author(s): Sunitha Patnaik V

Abstract PDF

Commentary P.9-10

Radiation therapy for cancer treatment.

Author(s): Amany Idrees

Abstract PDF

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