Journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism

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Editorial Board Members

  • Ahed J Alkhatib, - PhD from Cambell state University - Academic secretary of sociology department, International MARIINSKAYA Academy
  • Editor
  • Li-Pin Kao, Research professor in Biomedical Engineering, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • Tai An Chiang, Vice President, Dean, Director, College of Medical Technology, Professor of Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology. Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology (CUMT), Tainan County, Taiwan
  • Executive Editor
  • Niraj K. Nirala, Research specialist, Laboratory of Prof. Tony Ip, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, USA
  • Ernesto Caballero-Garrido, Researcher, Neurosurgery Department, University of New Mexico, USA
  • Ahmed El Hashash, Associate Professor & Principal Investigator, Department of Biomedicine, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine,The University of Edinburgh, Scoland, UK
  • Alfio Ferlito, Professor and Chairman, ENT Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Udine University, Italy
  • Nino Muradashvili, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Louisville, USA
  • Denis Rousseau, Associate Professor, Molecular Biology and Virology, France
  • Shivani Agarwal, Research Associate, Department of Dermatology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, US
  • Raed Al-Delayme, Eastman Dental Institutes for Oral Health, University of Rochester, New York, USA
  • Arkadiusz Matwijczuk, Assistant professor, Department of Physics, University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Bormusov Elvira, Senior Scientist, Unit of Anatomy and Cell Biology, The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Israel
  • Jorge Paredes Vieyra, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Baja California, Mexico
  • Tai An Chiang, Director, College of Human Science and Technology, Professor of Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology (CUMT),Taiwan
  • Mostafa Norizadeh Tazehkand, Department of pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, Turkey
  • Hao Wu, Principal Investigator, The Second Hospital of Jilin University, China
  • Viroj Wiwanitkit, Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok,Thailand
  • Leonardo Roever, Principal Investigator, Uberlandia Heart Study, Department of Clinical Research, Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil
  • Hazem Mohammed Ebraheem Shaheen, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Damanhour University, Egypt
  • Warkaa Mahmood Ali Al-Wattar, Lecturer, Oral Pathology Department, College of Dentistry, Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraq
  • Nermin Mohammed Ahmed Yussif, Lecturer, Periodontology Department, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, October University of Modern sciences and Arts University (MSA), Egypt
  • Nour S Erekat, Associate professor, Department of Anatomy, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  • Goran Radenkovic, Associate Professor, Department of Histology and Embryology,University of Nis, Serbia
  • Vesna Milovan Jacevic, Associate Professor, Department of Experimental Toxicology & Pharmacology, University of Defence, Serbia
  • Bikash Desar, Lecturer, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Kantipur Dental College Teaching Hospital and Research Centre, Kathmandu University, Nepal
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