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2020: Volume 2, Issue 1

Editor Note P.1-1

Editorial Note on Journal of Cell Biology and Metabolism

Author(s): Oliver Alison

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2018: Volume 1, Issue 2
2018: Volume 0, Issue 0

Case Report P.23-25

Uterine Angioleiomyoma, a Distinct Variant of Uterine Leiomyoma.

Author(s): Junainah EM, Huwait HF, ArefAlbezrah NK, Bakr AS, Althaher F, Althaher A, Junainah J, Junainah E, Fatta S, Elmetwally AA, Aletaibi F, Junainah M, Qarah MB and Junainah F

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Research Article P.26-30

Relationship between finnish diabetes risk score and metabolic syndrome, vitamin d and insulin resistance in women

Author(s): Nalbant A, Aydın A, Eker S, Onmez A, Tamer A, Cinemre H

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Research Article P.31-34

An European multicentric study of esophageal replacements: gastric pullup, jejunal interposition, colonic interposition

Author(s): Molinaro F, Angotti R, Bindi E, Pellegrino C, Casini L, Ravasse P, Petit T, Chiesa PL, Lisi G, Leva E, Riccipetitoni G, Noviello C, Cobellis G, Martino A, Casadio G, Rossi CD, Bianchi A, Messina M, Sica M

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Case Report P.35-37

Infantile malignant osteopetrosis with interesting bone marrow biopsy findings

Author(s): Kesarwani D*, Kelkar K, Manchanda R, Godbole R

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