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Editorial - Journal of Food Nutrition and Health (2020) Volume 3, Issue 1

The Importance of Nutrition for Health and Society

Irmak S*

Department of Food Engineering of the University of Ege, Izmir Olive Research Institute, University Caddesi, Bornova, Turkey

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Good nutrition is a important part of lead a healthy life. Combined with your diet, physical activity can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, and to promote your overall health.

Unhealthy eating habits have contributed to the obesity epidemic in the United States about one-third of U.S. adults 33.8% are obese and approximately 17% of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese. Even for people at a healthy weight, a poor diet is associated with major health risks that can cause illness and even death. These include heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, and certain various types of cancer. By choosing making smart food choices, you can help protect yourself from these health problems.

The risk factors for adult chronic diseases, like hypertension and type 2diabetes, are increasingly seen in younger ones, often a result of unhealthy eating habits and increasing weight gain. Dietary habits established in childhood often carry into adulthood, so teaching children how to eat healthy at a young age will help them stay healthy throughout their life.

The link towards good nutrition and healthy weight, reduced chronic disease risk, and overall health is important to ignore. By taking various steps to eat healthy, you will be on your way to getting the nutrients to your body needs to stay strong, your diet, healthy, your diet active your diet. As going on physical activity, as making small changes in our diet can go a long way, and it's easier than you think.

The connections towards our foods, the nutrients are provided and our heaths are safe, but have reaching consequences for individuals and society. As changing diets and dietary habits place an increasing burden on healthcare systems. It is very important to that we develop new products, interventions and refined guidelines which will improve our health through diet. By Achieving this will depend upon a complete we would be understanding of the biological processes which connect the foods we eat to our long-term life healthy.

By eating a well-balanced diet, adequate nutrients and appropriate calories, is a fundamental requirement for continued health. An appropriate diet to healthy development, healthy ageing and larger resilience against disease. Similarly, a poor diet places people at greater risk of infection and a range of the chronic illnesses included cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Despite for the clear connections and between nutrition and health, more than half of the UK population are obese or overweight, consumption of fruit and vegetables is falling and the calorie density of the average shopping basket is increasing. Meanwhile, around three million people in the UK are malnourished, including 30% of those in hospital and 40% in long-term care.

This is to represents a social challenge and serious economic. High body mass index is one of the leading risk factors for chronic disease in the UK, accounting for 10% of NHS spend. The cost to the wider economy range is vast at around to promote health through our diets to becoming ever more urgent.

There is an enormous potential towards develop new and improved products, health interventions and more accurate dietary guidelines which will improve health through nutrition. However, fully realizing through this potential will require a complete understanding of exactly how our food influences our health.

*Correspondence to
Sahnur Irmak
Department of Food Engineering of the University of Ege
Izmir Olive Research Institute,
University Caddesi, Bornova,
Email: [email protected]

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